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E-Z-GO Golf Cart Light Kits

See better and be seen others by easily installing genuine golf cart lights direct from the OEM. When it comes to night time driving, settling on a just any set of headlights and tail lights is not an option, we recommend the best. Dim headlights and broken tail lights can make driving more difficult and pose safety issues for pedestrian and automobile traffic. Safety for all those who share the road is our main concern.  

The benefits of installing an E-Z-GO light kit, aside from safety, are that they provide a look that is crystal clear and updated. Over time, the headlight covers can become hazy and oxidized due to exposure to the weather. This causes your bulbs not to shine as bright as they should. Brand new headlights also help restore your front cowl to that showroom appearance that never seems to get old. Who doesn't want their golf cart to look great at all times?

Another benefit to an OEM light kit is that they were designed to fit perfectly. Installing aftermarket lights can be problematic due to an inexact fit but our light kits are tested for fit and quality by our team of E-Z-GO engineers. Our team wants do-it-yourselfers spending less time worrying about installation and more time enojoying their drive. 

You deserve the best light kit available for your specific model. With a wide variety of golf cart light kits, Shop.ezgo.com is your online source for finding the right light kit for your gas or electric TXT, RXV, Terrain, Express and more.

It is recommended to install a dc converter/voltage reducer to provide the proper voltage to the light kits without damaging your batteries. For installation assistance, easily locate your nearest authorized E-Z-GO dealer.