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Golf Cart Battery Cables

E-Z-GO Golf Cart Battery Cables

Golf cart battery cables serve to provide your beloved E-Z-GO golf cart with the power it needs to perform. Protecting your batteries and battery cables from corrosion, dirt, and grime will undoubtedly prolong the life of your batteries. Any hint of battery cable damage should be inspected to prevent future breakdown. This is an inexpensive, yet crucial part of the maintenance process that will ensure your golf cart provides continuous and reliable service. Shop.EZGO.com offers 4 gauge battery cables, 6 gauge battery cables and battery wiring harnesses when the time comes for a replacement.

If you notice your vehicle is dragging or does not seem to have as much power as usual, check your battery cables for damage or excessive wear. As with other golf cart accessories, it is crucial to replace these wires with compatible ones. Check your owner's manual or log on to the manufacturer's website to ensure you purchase the proper cables for your make and model.

Buy E-Z-GO battery cables directly from the source or from an E-Z GO dealer near you.