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Golf Cart Chargers

E-Z-GO Golf Cart Chargers

There is no substitute for a high quality golf cart charger, especially one direct from the OEM. Our goal at Shop.EZGO.com is to provide industry leading battery chargers to ensure that your specific make and model is charged properly and fully. The power source for an E-Z-GO electric golf cart can be complex but charging it doesn't have to be. Choose from our selection of 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt battery chargers and battery charger parts. Get peace of mind by choosing an OEM battery charger and battery charger parts that will help your E-Z-GO golf cart perform as it should.

While it is important to have the right kind of charger for your golf cart, it is also important to properly maintain your vehicle and its components. Keeping the battery pack and battery cables clean will help them to last longer and will ensure that they maintain the charge that powers your golf cart.

Buy E-Z-GO battery chargers directly from the source or from an E-Z-GO dealer in your area. To purchase golf cart batteries please see an E-Z-GO dealer near you.