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Golf Cart Brakes

E-Z-GO Golf Cart Brakes and Brake Parts

Golf cart brakes are important parts that need to be inspected and maintained. For safety reasons, the brakes should be properly working at all times. Any issues with your brakes should be addressed by yourself or a dealer near you. By visiting Shop.ezgo.com, you can easily order replacement brake parts if you are able to work on the vehicle yourself. When deciding on high quality brakes and brake parts be sure to order direct from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Here you will be able to conveniently order golf cart brake parts such as brake cables, brake calipers, brake drums, brake pads, brake pedals, brake shoes, disc brakes and more.

E-Z-GO is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Buy E-Z-GO golf cart brakes and other golf cart parts directly from the source or from one of our dealers.