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Genuine E-Z-GO Golf Cart Frame and Components

The golf cart frame is the foundation of your investment and should be well maintained in order to provide a solid base for the life of your beloved E-Z-GO golf cart or utility vehicle. Many individuals who restore old golf carts find that they need to replace the frame, especially if they are customizing the body. Before deciding to restore your golf cart thoroughly examine the frame to see if it has structural flaws. Frame flaws could cause problems in the future. When the times comes to replace the frame, count on Shop.ezgo.com to provide genuine E-Z-GO frames that are of the highest quality. Give your golf cart the industry leading foundation it deserves and you deserve.

E-Z-GO is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Buy your Genuine E-Z-GO golf cart frame directly from the source or from one of our dealers.

Frames and Components